Dogs We’re proud announce that we provide minimally invasive surgery using endoscopy for many routine procedures. For instance, it is now possible to sterilize your female dog or cat by performing an endoscopic ovariectomy instead of the traditional spay or ovariohysterectomy. We do this using very small portals and rigid endoscopes along with advanced electrosurgical instrumentation and video monitoring. The advantages are less pain, less complications, less trauma and faster recovery. To learn more about this higher level of care, please visit this site or ask us about this advanced procedure today!

Purina’s Pet Healthcare: This is a great website packed with all kinds of information on pet health, including both articles on different conditions, videos on several subjects and Purina’s Pet Insurance Program.

MDR1 Gene Mutation: We are now able to check your dog for multi-drug sensitivity due to the MDR1 gene mutation. 3 of every 4 Collies have the mutant MDR1 gene and it’s also been found in Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties), Australian Shepherds, Old English Sheepdogs, German Shepherds, Long-haired Whippets, Silken Windhounds, and a variety of mixed breed dogs. Learn more about this genetic defect and let us test your puppy or dog before there are any adverse reactions. If your pet does have the MDR1 gene mutation, then we will attach a medical alert to your pet’s electronic medical records so that problems are better avoided. Having this information will help us treat your pet more safely!

The Dogtra Company: Based out of Carson, California, the Dogtra Company has developed a line of remote training collars that have set a new standard in the electronic collar training industry. With a focus on durability and cutting-edge technology, Dogtra offers a full line of training collars from small-breed pet trainers to a variety of sporting dog units.

The Dogtra Company’s Factory Outlet Store: Here’s where you can purchase the Dogtra training and anti-bark collars.

Innotek: If you have a lap dog that needs training, check out this site. They make the Innotek SD70 which is a very small training collar used for lap dogs. They also have an excellent video on this site that covers the correct use of their training collars.

Proheart6: Learn more about this injectable form of heartworm prevention that lasts 6 months and also treats your dog for roundworms and hookworms. Important safety information is also available on this site.

American Dog Trainers Network

American Kennel Club

AVMA’s Buying a Pet

K-9 Web

Dogs Owners Guide

Microchip your dog!  Help insure it’s safe return to you! Learn more by visiting this site.

On-Line Dog Breeders Directory 

Onofrio Dog Shows

Pure-Bred Puppynet

PennHIP: Learn more about how you can help reduce the incidence of canine hip dysplasia.

Pet Behavior visit this site designed by veterinarians to personally help your dog with behavior problems.

Canine Behavior Information: Do you have a difficult canine behavior problem? Visit this site for some insight!

Great Dane Club of El Paso: The G. D. C. of E. P. is the oldest Great Dane club in Texas and is an affiliate club of the Great Dane Club of America.

Onate Trail Dog Fanciers Association: OTDFA is an All Breed Dog Club dedicated to public education and the sport of dogs.

The Epi Guardian Angels: Your source for information, support, treatment and solutions for veterinarians and owners of dogs with epilepsy.


Veterinary Endoscopy: visit this site to learn more about endoscopy and the benefits of it for your pet cat. Also, you can learn more about laparoscopic spays and ovariectomies which are proven to be less painful and less stressful for your cat.

American Cat Fanciers Association

AVMA’s Buying a Pet

Cat Fanciers

Cornell Feline Health Center

Pet Behavior visit this site designed by veterinarians to personally help your cat with behavior problems.

Feline Chronic Renal Failure Information Center: This is an excellent site for those seeking more information about kidney disease in the cat.

Hyperthyroidism in Cats:visit this site to learn about how easy it is to treat the most common endocrine disease in cats! The Animal Emergency Clinic in El Paso (915-545-1148) currently has a specialist with this expertise to their staff.

Feline Behavior Information: Do you have a perplexing feline behavior problem? Check out this site!

Microchip your cat! Help insure the safe return of your cat to you!

Purina’s Pet Healthcare: This is a great website packed with all kinds of information on pet health, including both articles on different conditions, videos on several subjects and Purina’s Pet Insurance Program.


TAMU Department of Poultry Science

The Aviary

University of Minnesota Raptor Center

Pet Behavior visit this site designed by veterinarians to personally help your bird with behavior problems.

National Audubon Society

Microchip your bird! : Help insure positive identification and it’s safe return to you!


Ferret Health Care : This great site is packed with all kinds of cutting-edge medical information for veterinarians and ferret owners alike.

Microchip your ferret!  What better way to positively identify your ferret and help to insure it’s safe return to you! In El Paso, Texas it’s the law.

Ferret This is a supplier of the new Pretty Pets Natural Gold Ferret Diet 4 lb. The hope is that this newly formulated diet (more protein, less carbohydrates) will lessen the incidence of certain diseases (insulinoma etc…) in the ferret.

Rabbits and Chincillas

House Rabbit Society

Medirabbit: this is a very complete, professional and in-depth rabbit site that is loaded with great information about rabbits. A “must visit” for rabbit owners!

Rabbitstop: check out this site for all your rabbits needs!

Rabbit Health Central: This site is packed with useful information for all rabbit owners

Chinchillas: this is a great site for owners of chincillas; packed with good information.


Equine Online

Horse Breeds

Horse Country

Sugar Gliders

Sun Coast Sugar Gliders: A site devoted to sugar gliders (Petaurus breviceps), native to Australia.


Southwest Koi and Pond Association

Reptiles and Amphibians

Turtle Websites:

California Turtle & Tortoise Club : This is a great turtle and tortoise information site (especially the care sheets for different species)!

Melissa Kaplan’s Herp Care Collection: This is, by far, one of the very best, most complete herp sites available today.

The Froggy Page 

Reptile Links

Farm Animals

Agricultural Education Websites

Beef Cattle Web Resources

TAMU Department of Poultry Science

The Chicken Coop

Dairy Cattle Web Resources

Future Farmers of America (FFA)

Goat Web resources

Livestock Breeds


National 4-H Council

NetVet’s Cow Page

Sheep Web Resources

Zoos and Wildlife

Alaska SeaLife Center: is currently sponsoring an internship program for college students or recent graduates who are interested in gaining an educational experience in a world-class marine facility.

Bat Conservation International

Elephant Consultance : Conservation, breeding, training, links and more!

Elephant Information Repository :Anatomy, news, links and more!

El Paso Zoo Web Site

San Diego Zoo

Informative El Paso Websites

El Paso Animal Services: check out this site to learn more about adopting a pet through the EP Share Program, free spaying and neutering programs available for pets and what to do if you’ve lost a pet in the El Paso area. Save a life; adopt a pet!

EpScene : There are a number of great info. links here about El Paso!